Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trumpet Books - Picking One That Makes Sense!

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There have been books written about all facets of playing the trumpet. Whether you want to learn better technique, better range, jazz improvisation, flexibility, or tonal control, you can find it.

What makes the choices difficult for the student is how clearly does the author speak to you? Many of the books are written in vague terms that may be clear to the author but not to the reader. And when it comes to trumpet playing, there is tons of confusion already involved for most players.

By reading about the author, you may be able to get a better idea of how they communicate. Is what they say clear, or do they go in to extreme boring detail? Do they use confusing terms, explanations, or say things that logically just don't make sense?

For instance - in the H.L. Clarke Book there is a statement that says "You will not need to strain on the high notes if you keep your lips flexible and avoid playing too loudly." What does that statement say to you? Does it tell you to not tighten your lips and use your air? Is it clear? It wasn't clear to me for over 20 years... This does NOT mean that the Clarke Studies isn't a great book, because it's one of the best written trumpet books that's ever been published. But it does mean that the reader will have to read the writing very carefully and find a teacher who understands what that statement is saying.

Is the author available? What I do is make myself readily available for any purchasers to be able to ask questions.

Take a good look in to "Secrets to Efficient Brass Playing" if you really want clarity on playing high range notes on trumpet!

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