Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food For Thought For Trumpeters - Why We Fail

I am at a very intense seminar covering aspects of things that most musicians know very little about... business! It has occurred to me why so many musicians (at least in my local Austin, TX area) tend to be forever doomed to haunt the halls of clubs, wedding bands, and bars. If a musician musters up enough time, money, energy and courage to put together a CD, they think the hard part is completed once the CD's are pressed. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am no different... I put out a CD in 2002 with visions of grandeur. What I lacked was belief in myself, belief in my product, and the know-how to promote myself. So ultimately, I ended up with about 100 sold (family and friends mostly) and about 900 in boxes. I was a failure.

What is funny though about this, is what to do with those failures... Michael Jordan said that he's missed hundreds of shots, lost multiple games where the final shot counted on him solely, but what made him succeed was what he did with those failures. He turned them into successes by learning from them and driving forward without looking back!

Trumpet players are no different... missing a high note, fracking a line, or screwing up the chord changes / rhythms, etc. can tend to make us run for the safety of our nearest rock to crawl under. Stand up, admit your share of the mistakes and move forward. Anyone left behind talking about YOUR mistakes is intimidated by you and is only trying to slow you down from their own fears...

Move forward!!!!

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