Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trumpet - Lessons in Etiquette!

As a professional trumpet player, educator, and self published author of "Secrets to Efficient Brass Playing," I have been very fortunate that the "critical crowd" has been far and few between. But what strikes me as interesting is that the truly great players never seem to brag, talk about, or have to put down other players. The ones that are busy putting down others are the ones who seem to have the least amount of talent, skill or honor to defend.

One such comment posted to one of my recent youtube videos was extremely condescending, negative, and just down right snide. My first instinct was to get angry, but then I remembered the biggest lesson that Maynard Ferguson taught me while touring with him. And that is that too many players that wish they were are too busy to improve because they are wrapped up in criticizing others... that statement alone set my heart at ease. So I got the best revenge that I could - by ignoring this comment, deleting the post, and blocking the user.

Trumpet players in general tend to compete with each other to the bitter end. I don't see this a lot with other instrument players or groups of instrumentalists. Perhaps that's why they call the trumpet players the Neanderthals of the musical world. Once a player ascends to feeling comfortable in his or her own musical skin, this feeling of inadequacy tends to fade away like a bad memory.

My best advice to aspiring trumpet players out there - don't buy in to the negativity, and if you're attacked by one of those typical "lunk heads" remember what Maynard said!!! A player that wishes they were will spend more time attacking than improving!

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Keith Fiala / Anna Romano

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