Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If you are a follower or a reader of this blog, you know that this is dedicated to all things trumpet... trumpet playing, trumpet lessons, trumpet high notes, trumpet players, and trumpet hero's!

Please visit Brass Player Solution for information that will improve your trumpet playing! "Secrets to Efficient Brass Playing" can help trumpeters understand how the chops work, why theirs aren't working, and how to make relatively quick improvements without "changing" your embouchure drastically.

If you're a parent of a beginning trumpet or cornet player and would like a FREE LESSON that will get things kicked off in right direction, please click the link above.

There will be future posts on trumpet rentals, and the best solution to entering trumpet playing without major expense.


  1. is it easy to learn how to play trumpet?
    for how l ong should i work on studying it in order for me to play it like a Pro does?

  2. To answer your question -

    It requires just as much as a professional piano player has to put in time-wise and effort-wise to play like a pro!