Monday, April 20, 2009


There is a lot of misconception on what talent, God-given gifts, and "natural abilities" are as well as where they come from. To say that someone is naturally gifted is a misleading choice of words vs. a true statement. The unique qualities of this consist of learning a skill, trade, or task quickly... this requires the learner to be engaged, open, willing, and able to listen without the use of "I Know That" getting in the way!

If you listen to the greatest trumpet players of today - at one time they were at the same place you may be currently with your playing. Whether they gained the knowledge early in life or if the desire to learn came later is no matter. What does matter is that they did the required due-diligence to achieve their abilities.

As Bill Bartmann says - put some skin in your own game and commit to learning! Become a ferocious learner and you'll amaze yourself as to where you can go! We create our own limitations by listening to negativity, thinking "I know that", and not being open to new information!

Keep driving forward!


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