Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Internet Perpetuates Cowardess Bravery!

When I was a kid, CB radio's were all the rage. Smokey & The Bandit, among other movies that surrounded around communication over airwaves for the masses. This communication helped those that feel poorly about themselves inflict hatred, slander, and acidic speech on others. Making them feel better about being themselves, if even for just a minute.

If you go to youtube, forums, chat sites, and even blogs, you'll see the next generation of these weak individuals. These people want to squelch progress and celebrate in idiot fashion!

One of the many ways you can identify these weak individuals is that they have nothing positive to contribute. They look for mistakes, weaknesses, or create them out of thin air. These are the people who will try with all their might to keep you from your dreams! Why? Because real bravery starts with believing in yourself, who you are, and what you do!

No one is safe from these individuals, but we can out-number them simply by acts of kindness and ignoring their stupidity!

My thought for the day is this!

No one else or their "opinion" really matters unless you give it meaning. If that person spoke a language that you didn't understand and no one was around to translate for you, it would be meaningless and empty!

Critical people who are so cowardly that they can't even use their real names or a genuine email address should really consider coming to one of my clinics and introduce themselves as a brave soul vs. a weak coward! Ben?

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