Friday, April 24, 2009

Push Through The Hard Times!

Everything runs in cycles and it's easy to coast when things are good. But when things get rough, it's easy to get discouraged... just like feeling some days that winter will never end and spring is eons away.

The same holds true with most everything else in life. Most fitting is practicing. As of late, I've been really pushing to improve the fundamental aspects of my playing that I had avoided for far too long. It's easy to "not" work on something and be able to rattle off a laundry list of reasons as to why you haven't, couldn't, didn't, etc. At some point, all players will be faced with these facets of playing, and they have the chance to either face them or turn away.

when you start working on things that you're not comfortable with (in my playing - sight reading, and improvisation)it's fair to say that you will hit a wall. This proverbial "wall" will give you 2 choices once again - face it or turn away.

This is where most stumble and fail because they STOP! The players that push through find sunny skies and green grass on the other side... if you listen to the "small voice" saying this is hard and succumb to the negativity, then most likely you will not succeed. This is the ONLY difference between success and failure!


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  1. I agree very much with your statement. I also think as a trumpet player my self, that you always need to have focus on your main goal. The reason for why you play, and why you practice. I don't mean that you tell you self to "get better", but why you really play the trumpet. I sometimes ask my students this when they lost motivation.