Sunday, April 19, 2009

STOP Competing!!!

For most of us (young & old) we end up trying to compare ourselves to other players... who can play faster, cleaner, higher, louder, improvise better, etc. and what ends up happening is our true message gets lost. Our true sense of purpose is not to be a better player than anyone other than our former selves.

What often happens is we get so caught up in this "who's better" mentality that we end up losing focus and sight. It can become so negative and destructive that we start looking down on other players, people, ourselves, etc. To hear someone who is inspiring or a fantastic player is a beautiful thing. Take that listening experience away as a method of keeping site of what needs to be worked on in our own playing. Not to compare or rate ourselves against someone else.

Each of us has different experiences, backgrounds, and opportunities. We are exactly where we're supposed to be at this moment!

Like I mention in "Secrets to Efficient Brass Playing", practice the things you can't do well or that really intimidate you. The more you work on these things, the less they will be a big mountain of fear and intimidation. Chop a tunnel in that mountain one swing at a time! No one else matters - no one else's opinion counts! Just keep striving!


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