Friday, April 3, 2009

Natural Ways To Calm Your Nerves!

If you've performed live, you've probably experienced anything from butterflies in the stomach to absolute fear! I've been performing for many years now, but there are certain shows, guest artists, and audiences that can stun you or knock you off of your game. My biggest stage fright was my first night with Maynard Ferguson. Every note I played had the thought of "am I really doing this" attached to it! Along with "Don't Screw up!"

Last Saturday (3/28/09) I performed with Randy Brecker... I play lead trumpet for Temple Jazz Orchestra and Randy was our guest artist. Not only was I nervous because he has been a player I've watched for years, but because the tunes were pretty challenging. Friday's rehearsal was nerve racking!

My wife recommended that I try taking Magnesium (liquid form)to help me calm down. About 45 minutes after taking it, I noticed that I felt much more calm, focused and at ease. The show went very well and I didn't feel rattled!

Check out the show below... and enjoy!

Keith Fiala


  1. Is that Frankie V. next to you?

  2. No, it's not Frankie V. That is actually Tim Cates to my left (my right on stage) and Sparky Thomason on the opposite side. Both GREAT jazz players!