Friday, April 17, 2009

New Mouthpiece Update

As I had written about a couple of posts ago, I have a new mouthpiece that is very comfortable and I'm enjoying immensely.

What the designers (Austin Winds) and I have decided to do is offer it as the "Keith Fiala" model mouthpiece! But, we're going to do it with a twist.

We plan on offering a "kit" that the customer can customize to their specifications... offering 2 different backbores to choose from and 3 different cups (tops) that can vary in diameter and / or depth... all placed in a nice decorative storage box.

This concept came from all of us that are involved in this project being massive equipment junkies! We all own tons of mouthpieces - most of which will never be used as intended again. Most are sitting in a box on the top shelf of a closet and a few select ones are now expensive paper weights! If I start fishing again, I'll use some as sinkers...

Coming up in just a week we will be debuting this mouthpiece kit for sale... please keep coming back and checking Brass Player Solution


Keith Fiala
Brass Player Solution

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