Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Online Trumpet Lessons Taught By Keith Fiala

During our trip to Europe, one of the main topics of conversation was "what can we do to offer more". And the one thing that kept coming up was to buy a new computer and offer online lessons, as well as courses.

So - introducing Trumpet Lessons Online with Keith Fiala. If you really want to improve your range, endurance, tone, and your abilities, then take an online lesson with Keith.

Over the years, I have learned to take what was nearly impossible to me at one time and have learned to not only do it simply, but teach it in a simple manner as well.

Most tend to over-complicate explanations... making things sound much more scientific or advanced than what it really is. When you get right down to brass tax, all a high note consists of is fast air. Nothing less, nothing more. You make air move faster by compressing it and blowing it through a small hole we call an aperture.

If you would like more information on classes online, please contact Keith!
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