Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trumpet High Note Lessons Online Decision Made!

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After struggling a second day with my old laptop, we made the corporate decision that we were going to HAVE to get a new computer. I'd been around enough folks with Mac's that we pretty much knew that it would be a Macbook Pro - as our iPhone was the only device that wasn't having any trouble loading, working, connecting, etc. We would also be able to offer online trumpet lessons via the built in webcam which was a goal for many months!

We were gearing up for our second day / performance in Montreux, but are going to start the day off at the castle right on Lake Geneva! This was a boat cruise on the lake and was an AMAZING way to pull up to the Castle!! Check out the pix - you can feel the spirits of the past era's that had been there centuries before!

After our tour of the castle, it was back to town so we could grab some lunch before our performance at the Jazz Festival...

Once again the crowd was very appreciative, and loved the band! It's really great having the opportunity to perform with musicians that are skilled and be appreciated as a group by people who are there giving back as much as they are receiving!

After the performance, we went back to the hotel room to change clothes, drop off the horn and head back down to the festival so we could gather some shirts, etc. We also got some good shots of the statue of Freddie Mercury right on the shore of Lake Geneva. He apparently loved Montreux... we can see why!

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