Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trumpet - A How To Guide!

If you're looking for a good book that won't use extensive terms that are complicated to understand and you truly want to improve your trumpet playing, then check out "Secrets To Efficient Brass Playing."

I am currently developing a course that I'm calling "Back To Basics" that will help simplify what many have WAY over complicated in the trumpet playing world!

It is my belief that people tend to over complicate things for various reasons... trumpet playing / trumpet teaching is no exception. Whether they are doing it due to a lack of knowing how to communicate instructions clearly, trying to make themselves feel more intelligent than what the craft really calls for, or they themselves don't understand and therefore they're creating confusion to hide their ignorance, it's not really clear to me as to why things have to have so much clouded puff around them.

Trumpet playing is basically this - an instrument that amplifies the action of lips being vibrated together by air passing through them. Nothing more - nothing less. The rest of it is muscle memory, creating habits (good and bad), and practicing to memorize proper technique.

Where does natural ability fall in to that? Beyond the desire to want to... I personally don't see it.

Make your trumpet playing life easier - take a private lesson via webcam with me!

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